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Transporting manufacturing materials and tools is no easy task. Failure to properly manage and control inventory can result in process stoppages and profits lost. Swire Shipping Solutions’ flexible, bespoke shipping services will help you deliver your materials on-time while cutting costs.

Our project logistics logistics management and supply chain consultancy services make your job easier. Turn logistics from a headache into a competitive advantage with our customized solutions and expert manufacturing recommendations.

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Project Logistics Manufacturing Shipping Solutions

When working with Swire, there’s no need for additional service providers. We make manufacturing logistics easy for you with a single point of contact and one invoice.

Our long-time presence in the Pacific has given us extensive inland logistics resources across the region to ensure your containers arrive on-time. Our high level of support and communication allow for consistent supply with no surprises.

From international and domestic transport to customs and quarantine clearances, project logistics management and supply-chain consulting – we are your one-stop-shop for manufacturing transport.

Dedicated to the Manufacturing Industry

Shipping in the manufacturing industry looks a lot different than shipping postcards. Failure to recognize the nuances of the manufacturing sector can be detrimental to your supply chain.  

We are a team of SME’s who understand the complexities of manufacturing.
We know the importance of on-time deliveries and the implications of stoppages in the manufacturing process. We understand the supply chain for manufacturing materials must be efficient and come with a high level of communication and support. 

Making Your Life Easier

Ensuring your manufacturing process runs smoothly and profitably.

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Why Swire?

Swire Shipping aims to be the leading provider of safe, sustainable, and innovative supply chain solutions throughout the Pacific. We are committed to safety, our customers, and the Pacific region. Our highly experienced & knowledgeable teams are the perfect supply chain partners, simplifying the typically complex world of logistics and ensuring smooth and timely clearance.

Safety is Our Top Priority

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment and achieving Zero Harm by developing and implementing a robust safety culture through training and transparent reporting. We also work closely with port service partners to ensure safety remains the top priority during operational activities ashore.

We Save Our Customers Time

Making your life easier is our top priority. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we work closely with them to achieve mutual success thanks to innovative project logistics solutions. We offer best in class transit times and service frequencies, so that you can continue to serve and delight your customers.

We’re Committed to The Pacific

We’re the leading provider of shipping solutions in the Pacific region, and have a long history here investing in modern vessels, improving schedule reliability, forging strong relationships, and serving charitable organizations around the region. We believe in doing right by our communities and investing in worthy causes where we operate.

Innovation is At Our Core

The shipping and logistics landscape is constantly evolving. To help our customers stay ahead of the curve, we’re consistently rolling out digital initiatives and new processes to ensure our teams are well-equipped to provide the best service to our customers, and that your shipping experience is as convenient as possible.