Breakbulk Benefits

Breakbulk is one of the most common ways to ship products that don’t particularly fit a dimension or a container box – whether due to their size, shape, or weight. Breakbulk shipping solutions are effective for companies that need to move heavy machinery or specialised equipment that they would prefer to be shipped wholly.  

Reduce The Logistical Issues Of Shipping Special Cargo

Every type of shipment is unique. Some may be bulky but lightweight whereas others are smaller yet heavy and awkward to move; some fit the dimensions of a container, whereas others need a container to be specifically curated for them. As a business owner, your worry should not be on these issues. We help take away the logistical issues that arise in your firm and allow you to do business efficiently. 

If you run a business that requires the help of heavy machinery, or rather, if you are a supplier that sells bulky products and equipment that can’t be shipped in a standard container, consider breakbulk shipping.

How Breakbulk Shipping With Swire Shipping Helps You

Our breakbulk service is quite literally an “out of the box” solution. We have a fleet of modern ships that are specifically designed for the purpose of lifting heavy cargo—they’re also modern, efficient, and reliable. With us, you can forget the hassles of breakbulk shipping. Our vessels have some of the largest hatch configurations and strongest crane capabilities in the market. They are fitted with ‘tween decks, centre line bulkheads, and numerous individual hatches

Streamlined Service

Receive straightforward service that understands your requirements and delivers on them.

Independent Solution

Breakbulk requires minimal port facilities and isn't dependent on the modernisation of the local infrastructure.


Breakbulk services can significantly cut costs on shipping heavy, large, and unique cargo.

Ship in One Piece

There’s no need to disassemble, pack, and reassemble – ship machinery and equipment as a final product.

Swire Shipping excels in breakbulk services:

We provide customised solutions (inclusive of separation of wet/dry cargo, bulk/unitised materials, arrangements for rolling/static cargo, shipment of fragile items, and more).

We have a coverage of over 400 ports and are always looking to expand our network of options.

We provide flexibility on options for stevedoring, as well as specialised arrangements made for bespoke requirements such as the shipment of unusual items (like animals), oversized items, unusually shaped items, and bulky cargo.

We understand the local customs and traditions of the places we deliver and have our own people on-ground to cater to all your needs.

We offer options for one-off and regular shipments and allow security coverage and protection for high-value goods. We also make sure that our entire process is completely transparent to our customers.

Our experienced and highly skilled team will keep you updated every step of the way – and be available to you on the ground with your shipment.

On-Time Delivery

Whether over land or across the sea, our breakbulk solutions ensure your shipments consistently arrive on time.

Freight Intelligence

Know cargo status at all times during its journey with our innovative end-to-end solutions. Say goodbye to any concerns over poor visibility of your special cargo.

De-Risk & Planning Flexibility

Worried about your breakbulk shipment receiving less attention because of its size? Don’t be.

Single Point of Contact

Forget the days of calling freight forwarders, shipping lines and customs brokers to ensure your shipment reaches its final destination. With Swire Shipping there’s no confusion about who to contact.

Competitive Rates

Through services such as Buyers consolidation (FCX), you no longer have to worry about extra charges associated with the volume of your shipment.