Digital Solutions

Swire Shipping is on a mission to simplify how you do business with us. We are digitising your customer journey one step at a time and progressively rolling out more features each month.

The Swire Shipping experience - Online!

Benefits of using Swire Shipping’s eCommerce services:

Wide range of services from Quote, Booking to Documentation

Intelligent, easy & convenient to use

Swift response to queries and faster turn around of transactions​

Instant feedback and chat support​

Shipment tracking at your fingertips

Single source of truth through intelligent dashboards​

Plan Your Shipments

Finding a right schedule, obtaining an accurate quote, and eventually making a booking can be time-consuming, and even exhausting sometimes.

Swire Shipping’s eCommerce solutions provide you with a hassle-free shipment planning experience. You can make a booking with us with ease and focus more on your business.


Find live schedules by searching your preferred origin and destination. Specify the search period if you want.

Instant Rates

We provide instant rates for some of our most popular routes. You can also directly access them on the homepage.

Quote Requests

Need a more customised quote? Submit a request with your cargo info and specific requirements 24/7.

Manage Your Shipments

Swire Shipping aims to digitize your shipping experience with great convenience and save your time.

Our dedicated dashboard offers registered users endless possibilities to manage the shipments. From quotes and bookings to documents and value-added services, you can manage all the businesses with us using the customer account.

Booking Management

Manage your booking and amend the booking information anytime in your dedicated dashboard.


Access the documentation and edit shipping instructions conveniently in your dedicated dashboard.

Track & Trace

Track your shipment without an account directly or register and sign up the Instant Notifications on the shipment status.


Registered users can view the notifications right on the dashboard and decide to receive the types of notifications to receive.


Dashboard is the home base for registered users. You can manage all your business with Swire Shipping here.

Account Management

Registered users can easily update and edit their account information in the dashboard.

Manage Inland Haulage

Employ our Integrated Logistics Solutions and enjoy the door-to-door shipping experience.

Customs Clearance

Our expert local team can help to to handle customs clearance in our market countries efficiently.

Carbon Calculator

Under the "Sail Greener" programme, some of our sailings provide their carbon emission calculation.


Want bespoke integration?

Swire Shipping offers a range of API and EDI solutions to help you integrate our logistics solutions directly into your operating processes.