Specialist Project Cargo Management Solutions

Swire Shipping provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to lift and move your oversized, over mass and special project cargo over land and across the ocean.

Linking our ocean services to the rest of your project logistics supply chain, we access a modern fleet of specialized platform trailers, beam-set configurations, low-loaders, SPMTs, and lifting equipment including cranes and jacking & skating equipment that can be mobilized across the region as required.

Comprehensive Suite of Logistics Management Services


Our transport consultants provide a range of services including transport concept drawings and simulations, route studies, lifting studies, port captain and supervision services, and transport management plans all critical to the safe and efficient movement of oversized, over mass and special project cargo.  

Have a special project that doesn’t meet the traditional standards of transportation and shipping? We’re here for you.

We Know the Complexities of Supply Chain Management

especially when it comes to land transport

 At Swire Shipping we’ve been delivering logistics solutions to our customers for close to 150 years. Our biggest priority is to make your life easier by optimising your transportation networks. Give our Integrated Logistics team a call today and see how we can help you do just that.

Project Logistics Management


Management of complex and special logistics projects

Our team of dedicated transport consultants manage all aspects of your integrated logistics needs, so that you don’t have to worry about the complexities of moving oversizedor special cargo. Leave the heavy lifting to us.

Contract logistics for containerised and breakbulk cargo

We’ve been moving containerised and breakbulk cargo for close to 150 years. Our in-house operation of vessels and diverse delivery schedules provide customers with complete control and visibility of their supply chain.

Provision of heavy-haulage, handling and cargo lifting equipment

Swire Shipping has direct access to a range of handling equipment with advanced lifting capabilities across more than a third of our fleet. We’re here to make your life easier by providing services and solutions that meet the needs of your project.

Transport concept drawings and simulations

Need to visualize your land transportation moves? Our qualified transport consultants can simulate or provide concept drawings of your route, allowing you to see every leg of your supply chain before going live.

Transport management plans

Transportation should be simple. With Swire, it is. Our extensive network of trusted partners in the trucking, rail and barge sectors allow us to add efficiencies to your supply chain that save you time and effort.

Route and site surveys

With a long history of operating in the Pacific, we know the region by heart. Combined with the local expertise from agents around the world, our route and site surveys can enhance the safety and reliability of your supply chain.

Critical move supervision

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with them to meet all logistical needs: from pre-shipment analysis and planning to critical move supervision, we’re there every step of the way.

Project-specific biosecurity management plans

We understand the value of your cargo and the importance of mitigating risks associated with pests and disease. Our team of professionals ensure your shipments are safe with custom Biosecurity Management Plans.

Supply of shipper-owned and modified shipping containers

No need to lease or purchase your own containers. Our in-house container supply is a fast and convenient way to simplify the shipping process and save you time.

Customer Flexibility At Swire

Our Biggest Priority Is Your Needs.

We aim to save our customers’ time by providing innovative, door-to-door solutions that optimise their supply chains. Through a dedicated safety culture and ongoing drive for innovation, our team has the capability and experience to handle a wide-range of cargoes with ease and efficiency. 

Have a special project that doesn’t meet the standards of traditional ocean or land transportation?

Need to complete the supply chain of your seafood company by connecting catch to consumer?

Tell us what you need and we’ll deliver.

Why Choose Swire Shipping As Your Partner?

Swire Shipping is a one-stop service for all of your integrated logistics and storage needs.

Complete coordination of your transport needs from marine dock to distribution centre (DC). Whether via train, truck, or barge, our extensive network of integrated logistics operators add options and flexibility to your supply chain.

Access to warehouse and distribution services providing safe & secure storage anywhere in the world.

Long-term and on-demand options for storing your valued cargo including DC access, pick & pack solutions, bonded warehouses and more.

Transport project management and transport engineering services designed to make your life easier through route optimization.

Simplification through digitisation

Our project logistics booking process, eCommerce platform and complimentary services are designed to save you time and effort by simplifying the shipping process. 

Let us make your life easier by managing the movement of your cargo from door-to-door and enjoy the benefits of our digital solutions, designed to save your time.

Interested in learning how Swire Shipping can optimize other areas of your supply chain?

Our team of dedicated logistics professionals provide marine shipping, planning & analysis, project logistics management and value-added services to ensure you cargo is handled with care and efficiency at every step of your supply chain.

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