More Than a Storage Space

At Swire Shipping we know how important it is to have secure flexible warehousing solutions and a partner you can trust. To us, it’s the cornerstone of a company’s supply chain. A space that allows im-porters, exporters and logistics managers to optimise the movement of cargo from receiving to distri-bution and secure a competitive advantage.

With effective inventory management, and advanced technology, our partner network of warehouses streamline your operations to reduce errors and cost, all while saving you time.

Thinking Beyond The Traditional Ideas of Warehousing with Experience & Expertise

With our extensive history in the Pacific and a thorough understanding of the complexities associated with cargo management within the region, we have the experience and expertise to add flexibility to your supply chain.

We have our fingers on the pulse across each of our core markets and are committed to delivering you flexible warehouse options. Your customers have high expectations. Let us help you meet them.

From customs clearance to pick & pack we’ll work together to assess your needs and deliver a customised storage program that adds efficiencies to your supply chain and boosts your bottom line. 

About Warehousing and Storage

We know storage space can be hard to come by. With ever-changing consumer demands and fluctuations in the global shipping industry, finding safe and secure storage across the Pacific that you can depend on is difficult. We hear you. 

With Swire Shipping, it doesn’t have to be.

Swire Shipping offers a one-stop service for all of your storage and transportation needs through our partner network. Our team of logistics experts will work closely with you to understand your supply chain and identify custom storage solutions that optimize the processes and operations you rely on.

Whether you require short or long-term storage, handle small or large volumes of cargo, and ship conventional or oversized goods, we’re here to deliver logistics solutions that meet the needs of your supply chain. 

Benefits of Working with Swire Shipping

Safe and functional storage solutions that you can depend on.
Providing safe and secure storage wherever and whenever you need. With access to a vast range of warehouses and distribution centres around the world, our expert logistics teams will find you storage solutions in no time.

Providing safe and secure storage within the Pacific region, wherever and whenever you need. With access to a vast range of warehouses, our expert logistics teams will find you storage solutions in no time.

Size is not a limiting factor. No matter how big or small, we’re here to deliver logistics solutions for everyone. Tell us what you need and we’ll deliver.

Worried about the processes and operations within the four walls of a warehouse? Swire offers val-ue- added services including assistance with managing inventory costs.

Our diverse service offering provides optionality designed to add efficiencies to your supply chain saving you time and effort. Whether your cargo requires access to pick & pack solutions, on-demand storage or a bonded warehouse, we’re here for you.

Our Customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Customer service is not what we do, it’s who we are. At Swire Shipping we provide a personal touch to ensure your experience is exceptional. Over 2,600 Swire Shipping onshore and seafaring staff around the world are committed to the safe and careful handling of your cargo, treating every shipment with the same level of care as you would.

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