Environmental Goals and Commitments
Climate Change and Our Business
Environmental Initiatives


Investing in New Technologies
New technological advancements to lower fuel consumption and thus, reduce emissions to air.

Reducing Our Plastic Footprint
In 2018, Swire Shipping set out on our journey to reduce the use of Single-Use Plastics.

Eco-Office and Green Guidelines
Our employees adopt Eco-Office practices to help reduce Swire Shipping’s carbon footprint.

Managing Director’s Message

See 2020 Sustainable Development Report for full message

Environmental Successes

for the calendar year 2020


y-o-y reduction
Scope 1*


y-o-y reduction
Scope 2*


y-o-y reduction
Scope 3*


y-o-y reduction

*Metric tonnes (t) CO2e / Includes Swire Shipping and Swire Bulk

We are committed to a target of zero pollution incidents and our ultimate goal is for our operations to have a net zero impact on the environment and its biodiversity.

Swire Shipping has set in place an internal intensity target, the IMO’s Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI) – the energy we expend moving one unit of cargo over one nautical mile. Swire Shipping’s target is 3% more aggressive than the IMO’s target.

Our Swire Shipping liner fleet achieved 24% reduction at the end of 2020, from our baseline.

Swire Shipping’s EEOI progress since 1st January 2015

UoM: grammes of CO2 per Notional Revenue Tonne of cargo carried over one nautical mile