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Novel Coronavirus Impact – Advisory Notice #2


Please find below an update as to how Swire Shipping is managing the recent Novel Coronavirus outbreak:

Mainland China Operations

It is expected that Mainland China based staff in our key locations (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao) will begin to return to offices from 10th February 2020, with all offices expected to be re-opened on 17th February 2020. Those staff not able to return to office premises will continue to work from home during this period. This is be subject to change following any further announcements from the Central Government and/or local government.

Throughout this period, we will be offering a full range of customer services. Please continue to contact your existing Swire Shipping representatives. Where necessary measures have been taken to ensure employees can work from home if they are unable to attend the office in person. We look forward to continuing to support our customers during this period.

Quarantine Restrictions for Arriving Vessels

Multiple countries in our network (primarily Papua New Guinea and other Pacific Island nations) have implemented quarantine restrictions for arriving vessels and/or people from Mainland China.

The details of these restrictions vary between countries. However, generally these restrictions mean that vessels that have visited Mainland China will need to observe a precautionary quarantine period. For some countriesthis requirement isfor 14 days to have elapsed since the last port of call in Mainland China. We will comply fully with all such regulations whilst remaining committed to minimising customer disruption as much as possible.

These restrictions may lead to delays caused by changed rotations or longer transit times. Any impact will be communicated directly to customers who have bookings on the impacted vessels

Wider Network Operations

The Coronavirus situation globally remains fast moving. A reduction in network capacity to match weaker seasonal demand during Chinese New Year has already been in place. The return to work after Chinese New Year in Mainland China has been delayed and we continue to monitor when production levels may return to normal.

Our network remains unchanged at present and we continue to operate as usual.

However, should manufacturing and supply chain disruptions impact trade flows ex-Mainland China, or the quarantine restrictions in our key markets necessitate, then reductions in capacity and reduced frequency may need to be considered.

Any requirement for temporary changes to our network will be clearly and swiftly communicated to all customers.

Should the current situation lead to a change in your sourcing patterns and shipping requirements please contact your local Swire Shipping representative. Our team are on hand to provide you with solutions.